Restaurant by Frankie Yu

Frankie Yu Portrays The Silence Culture Restaurant

Frankie Yu, the project leader of the displayed project Restaurant:Silence Culture by Frankie Yu explains, Natural media textures offset by blue lighting extend, penetrate, concentrate and the lines between surfaces, smoothly fusing stylish contemp <Cropped>

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Manaus-Hand Knotted Rug by K.michelle Evans

K.michelle Evans Spotlights The Manaus Hand Knotted Rug

K.Michelle Evans, the creative mind behind the displayed project Manaus - Hand knotted Rug by K.Michelle Evans says, Inspired by Fashion and Architecture, Michelle has made a name for herself for being a creative and edgy designer. Michelle now has s <Cropped>

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Residential House by Chu-Hsin Tsai

Chu-Hsin Tsai Creates The Sheathing The Sword Residential House

Chu-Hsin Tsai, the architect of the award winning work Residential House:Sheathing the Sword by Chu-Hsin Tsai says, The living room, in hidden and comfortable atmosphere, is the best place for hosting a banquet for guests. The wall is constructed by <Cropped>

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Tatjana Medvedev's Reading. Goethes Faust. Modular Book

Tatjana Medvedev Demonstrates The Reading. Goethes Faust. Modular Book

Tatjana Medvedev, the lead designer of the award winning project Tatjana Medvedev's Reading. Goethes Faust. Modular Book demonstrates, This modular book is a typographical redesign of Goethes Faust amid the change of reading behavior in the digi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Energia Chair

Sinmar Alsid Portrays The Energia Chair

Sinmar Alsid, the designer of the displayed project Award Winning Energia Chair says, The chair is designed for comfort and style and will identify any space with brightness. This bunch of colorful rays will look rich in big halls or gardens. It is e <Cropped>

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Visa Tlv-Office Space Interior Design by Studio Shirli Zamir

Studio Shirli Zamir Presents The Visa Tlv Office Space Interior Design

Studio Shirli Zamir, the lead designer of the highlighted project Studio Shirli Zamir's Visa TLV Office Space Interior Design points out, Shirli Zamir Design Studio designed the new VISA innovation center and offices located in Rotschild 22-Tel <Cropped>

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Eco Park Contest

New Concept For a Green Recreational Areanew Contest On Metafin and Desall Invite You to Propose a New Concept For a Green Recreational Area That Is Due to Be Built in The Near Future in The Whereabouts of Venice (italy), Conceived as An Aggre

New concept for a green recreational areaNew contest on metafin and desall invite you to propose a new concept for a green recreational area that is due to be built in the near future in the whereabouts of venice (italy), conceived as an <Cropped>

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The Ink of Life-Fading Pencils by Hongchuan Zhao

Hongchuan Zhao Portrays The The Ink of Life Fading Pencils

Hongchuan Zhao, the creator of the highlighted project Fading Pencils by Hongchuan Zhao illustrates, The background of this design is that designers observed when people use pencils, there will be imagination about pencil consumption and transformati <Cropped>

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Z4re: The Green Building-Residential Building by Uc21 Architects

Uc21 Architects Shows The Z4re: The Green Building Residential Building

Uc21 Architects, the architect of the awarded design Residential Building by Uc21 Architects says, uc21 architects, a Tehran and Rome-based practice head by Mohammad Haghighat Gou, has completed a residential building in the 14th district of Tehran w <Cropped>

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Lupe Pure Cordless-Vacuum Cleaner by Pablo Montero

Pablo Montero Spotlights The Lupe Pure Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Pablo Montero, the maker of the highlighted design Vacuum Cleaner by Pablo Montero illustrates, The Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum was developed by designers with a background from a leading vacuum cleaner brand. They were frustrated with what they saw as <Cropped>

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