Ptang Studio Limited's The Pavilia Bay Sales Office

Ptang Studio Limited Creates The The Pavilia Bay Sales Office

PTang Studio Limited, the project leader of the awarded design Award Winning The Pavilia Bay Sales Office says, The Pavilia Bay Sales Gallery, located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, is designed into a world-class prestigious shipyard, with the notion of br <Cropped>

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Wink Space by Kaz Shirane

Kaz Shirane Reveals The Wink Space Space

KAZ Shirane, the creative mind behind the displayed design Space by KAZ Shirane explicates, This ephemeral architecture is the common ground between architecture and art. This unique work, exhibited at the Kobe Biennial 2013 in Japan, has been design <Cropped>

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Campaign and Branding Design by Yu Feng

Yu Feng Presents The B-U Campaign and Branding Design

Yu Feng , the thinktank behind the award winning design Yu Feng 's B-U Campaign and Branding Design points out, B-U is an awareness campaign composed by logo, posters, mail-outs, banner, and website. Created by Yu Feng, the concept is to encour <Cropped>

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Award Winning Spoutnic Robot of Assistance

Frederic Clermont Exhibits The Spoutnic Robot of Assistance

Frederic Clermont, the author of the displayed design Frederic Clermont's Spoutnic Robot of assistance illustrates, Spoutnic is a support robot designed to educate hens to lay in their nest boxes. The hens get up on his approach and return to th <Cropped>

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Single Family Residential:a House by Chang Kyu Lee

Chang Kyu Lee Shares The a House Single Family Residential

Chang Kyu Lee, the lead designer of the displayed work A House - Single Family Residential by Chang Kyu Lee points out, The 'A House' celebrates interaction between families and neighbors while maintaining a strong sense of privacy and of o <Cropped>

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The Photo Company by Lovekar Design Associates

Lovekar Design Associates Demonstrates The The Photo Company Photography Studio Complex

Lovekar Design Associates, the designer of the award winning work Photography studio complex by Lovekar Design Associates points out, An abandoned, dilapidated factory complex in a no-development zone had to be converted into a young photographerâ <Cropped>

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Bench Seat:the Serengeti by David Tate

David Tate Portrays The The Serengeti Bench Seat

David Tate, the creator of the highlighted design David Tate's The Serengeti Bench Seat illustrates, The Serengeti exemplifies modern styling with smart and defined lines softened by the natural warmth of wood. The users experience, needs and sp <Cropped>

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Rain Maker by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Rain Maker Water Purifier

The creator of the highlighted work water purifier:rain maker by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Hundreds of millions of people suffer from sicknesses and hunger due to the lack of access to clean water. By filtering non potable water, bacteria and ge <Cropped>

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Mingbin Yang 's Aesthetic Life Experience Club

Mingbin Yang Shares The Aesthetic Life Experience Club

Mingbin Yang , the creative mind behind the displayed design Aesthetic life - Experience club by Mingbin Yang spells out, We combined project functional requirements and marketing positioning using axis as the moving line, divide interior space into <Cropped>

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Award Winning Cabin R Travel Bag

Michael Yim Illustrates The Cabin R Travel Bag

Michael Yim, the creator of the displayed design Cabin R - Travel Bag by Michael Yim explicates, The Cabin R travel bag collection includes Vista Messenger and the Discovery Backpack. They are travel bags with electronic anti-theft technology that so <Cropped>

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