Residential House:nascent by Chung-Lin Lee

Chung-Lin Lee Portrays The Nascent Residential House

Chung-Lin Lee, the lead designer of the displayed work Residential House by Chung-Lin Lee illustrates, Marble grains intertwine, creating the afterbirth of the newborn, that brilliant gold resembling Sarira. Alternating light and darkness have always <Cropped>

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Assembly and Combination-Tableware by Xizhi Zhang

Xizhi Zhang Spotlights The Assembly and Combination Tableware

Xizhi Zhang, the creator of the award winning design Tableware:Assembly and Combination by Xizhi Zhang points out, This design is a set of ceramic tableware, including cups, bowls and dishes, which can be assembled in several ways. Each piece from th <Cropped>

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Fairy Feather The World's Thinnest Silk by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Fairy Feather Fairy Feather The World's Thinnest Silk

The thinktank behind the awarded project Fairy Feather the world's thinnest silk by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The fabric, so ethereal, makes us imagine the texture of the robes worn by the heavenly nymphs in Japanese folk tales. I named it <Cropped>

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Carqon Design Team's Carqon Electric Cargo Bike

Carqon Design Team Discloses The Carqon Electric Cargo Bike

Carqon Design Team, the creative mind behind the displayed work Award Winning Carqon Electric Cargo Bike demonstrates, Carqon offers ambitious parents the freedom and convenience of a distinctive cargo bike. Via a stylish, sturdy and thoughtfully des <Cropped>

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Chin-Feng Wu & Chih-Sheng Fan's Elegance in Hold Public Service Center

Chin-Feng Wu & Chih-Sheng Fan Designs The Elegance in Hold Public Service Center

Chin-Feng Wu & Chih-Sheng Fan, the architect of the displayed work Public service center:Elegance in Hold by Chin-Feng Wu & Chih-Sheng Fan spells out, The project combines abstract concepts and modern materials. The grandness of the entranc <Cropped>

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Lab.15 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Chance to Exhibit Their Artworks in a Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the chance to exhibit their artworks in a gallery in milan (italy) and much more. .

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Sizing-Augmented Reality Measure by Yu Sun

Yu Sun Creates The Sizing Augmented Reality Measure

Yu Sun, the creator of the highlighted work Sizing - Augmented Reality Measure by Yu Sun explains, This App use AI to recognize hand or foot then apply ARkit measures 3D data, algorithm providing insights to a better measurement experience which can <Cropped>

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Black Tulip-Turkish Coffee Set by Bora Yıldırım

Bora Yıldırım Demonstrates The Black Tulip Turkish Coffee Set

Bora Yıldırım, the project leader of the awarded work Turkish Coffee Set by Bora Yıldırım points out, The traditionally cylindrical-shaped Turkish coffee cup is redesigned to have a cubic shape. Instead of protruding, the cup handles are inte <Cropped>

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Rotating Planes by Lorenzo Quaglietta

Lorenzo Quaglietta Spotlights The Niko Rotating Planes

Lorenzo Quaglietta, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Rotating Planes:Niko by Lorenzo Quaglietta says, This structure consists of two rotating planes positioned on a supporting suspended element in the form of a triangular section fixe <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ichifuku Logomark

Hino Naoya Exhibits The Ichifuku Logomark

Hino Naoya, the designer of the highlighted project Hino Naoya's Ichifuku Logomark spells out, This is visual identity and branding for Ichifuku, multiple business company in Japan. The client's business include various industries, so that <Cropped>

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